Anesthetic Safety

Battery Park Veterinary Hospital Anesthetic Safety in your pet at New York, NY

When it comes to veterinary surgery, we take every precaution for your pet’s health, safety, and comfort.  Our veterinarians are highly experienced in both routine and advanced surgical procedures.

Most elective surgical patients can go home the same day.  When around-the-clock postsurgical nursing care is required, the Battery Park Veterinary Hospital is staffed 24-hours every day of the week.

Veterinary Surgery Services include:

  • Fully Monitored Anesthesia – Our veterinarians use sedation and local anesthesia whenever possible. All patients requiring short-acting or general anesthesia receive a pre-anesthetic exam and a pre-anesthetic blood panel, and are fully monitored during and after surgery.
  • Elective Pet Surgery – We perform routine pet spaying and neutering of female and male puppies and kittens, as well as minor hernia repair and cat declawing.
  • General Pet Surgery – We perform an extensive range of general dog and cat surgeries, such as skin growth tumor removal, abdominal and foreign body surgeries, oral surgery, eye surgery, and many other general surgeries. 
  • Pain Management – A postoperative pain management program is established for all surgical patients to ease recovery.

When more advanced services such as laparoscopic surgery and laser surgery are required, your pet can be readily treated at our nearby DVM Hospital group facilities: the Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital and the West Village Veterinary Hospital. Electronic medical records are used at Battery Park Veterinary Hospital, and can be shared across all DVM Hospitals. Anytime you walk into any DVM Hospital – your pet’s medical records can be immediately accessed by our professional staff.