Pain Management

Pet pain management

In many cases, the diagnosis of pet cancer and the resulting cancer treatment (oncology) will have as good an outcome as the treatment of chronic problems such as liver or kidney disease.   With recent veterinary medical advances, cats and dogs can live longer and fuller lives than ever before. DVM Hospitals has three locations in downtown Manhattan to minimize travel and provide for the comfort of your pet. Electronic medical records are used at Battery Park Veterinary Hospital, and can be shared across all of our locations in the DVM Hospital group. Depending on the form of cancer treatment your pet requires, you may need to visit one of our sister locations. Anytime you walk into Battery Park – or any DVM Hospital – your pet’s medical records are immediately accessed by our professional staff.

  • Cancer Surgery can be curative, or may decrease tumor size thereby providing comfort.  Removal of cancerous tissue increases the effectiveness of other therapies.
  • Chemotherapy is usually very well tolerated by our feline and canine cancer patients and can extend life expectancy and quality of life
  • In-House Lab so that patients can receive both monitoring and treatment during their visits
  • Pain Management
  • Nutritional Counseling

We will always keep you fully apprised on quality of life issues so that you can make a fully informed decision about your pet’s treatment.